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Automating the processing and validating of remote sensing data products

The Australian Space Data Analysis Facility; In-situ Marine Optics

Credit: Pawsey Superc – For illustrative purpose only

In-Situ Marine Optics (IMO) uses new technology to design and manufacture precise water quality sensors and optical-based electronics for marine research.

IMO engaged the Australian Space Data Analysis Facility for data science and software development to enhance the operational capabilities of its remote sensor monitoring systems. IMO also sought to have in-situ validation integrated into their systems, and to have improved quality control of derived water-quality monitoring products.

This partnership allowed IMO to leverage new technologies to stay on the leading edge of scientific innovation and opportunity, and improve their offered services.

Figure 1: Image of Copernicus Sentinel 2 data 2022 over the waters near Derby (WA).

Credit: ESA, 2022