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Social Science Projects

The Curtin Institute for Data Science is supporting partners from academia, industry, and government across various sectors such as, health sciences, astronomy, agriculture and aquaculture, manufacturing, transport with their data science, software development, and computational needs.

At present, the Institute would typically contribute to 30-40 research projects per annum, working with over 50 external organisations.

Curtin University: School of Media, Creative Arts and Social Inquiry; Centre for Culture and Technology; Faculty of Humanities; Research Office at Curtin; Curtin Library; Curtin University Sustainability Policy Institute

The Curtin Open Knowledge Initiative (COKI)

Open access data has a wealth of benefits: it reduces economic barriers and start-up costs, generates economic value and innovation, and improves efficiency and accessibility. The purpose of COKI is to use big data and cloud computing to amass trusted analysis and high-quality knowledge into the world’s leading dataset of research publications. COKI developed a suite of open knowledge analysis and enabling tools for use on its massive data warehouse. These tools allow for the tracking and use of the 12 trillion items in the dataset.

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