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The Curtin Institute for Data Science (CIDS) is an interdisciplinary knowledge accelerator. Our team is supporting partners from academia, industry, and government across various sectors such as, but not limited to, health sciences, manufacturing, transport, art and culture, astronomy, agriculture, and aquaculture with their data science, software development, and computational needs. At present, the institute would typically contribute to 30-40 research projects per annum, working with over 50 external organisations.


Engaging with the CIDS means collaborating with a team of specialists who are highly trained in data science, high-performance computing, software development, project coordination and business development. The institute has a dedicated team of over 30 specialist technical staff with diverse backgrounds in computer sciences, physics, mathematics, computational chemistry and biology, bioinformatics, and remote sensing. It also provides access to over 200 research academics drawn from across Curtin University who specialise in applications of data science in different research settings.

To find out more about recent accomplishments of the CIDS, please view the project summaries published under academia, industry, and government.


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