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Mission and Objectives

The CIDS  is an interdisciplinary knowledge accelerator. Our aim is to apply data science and high-performance computing to collaboratively provide innovative solutions for real-world problems for government, industry, and academia.


The CIDS is achieving its vision via the following objectives:

  1. Accelerate the creation of knowledge and value via the use of data science, data analytics, and computational methods.

  2. Inspire and foster collaboration across Curtin and with industry and government to solve complex, interdisciplinary problems that require data science and research software development.

  3. Provide a peer-supported environment and career opportunities and pathways for highly skilled technical researchers with expertise in data science, software development and project coordination.

  4. Increase Category 2-4 income for Curtin either directly via major CIDS-led projects, or in collaboration with other parts of the university.

  5. Improve the computational literacy of Curtin higher degree students and early career researchers via the provision of bespoke training.

  6. Provide support for Curtin researchers to access and effectively utilise computational facilities