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The Australian Space Data Analysis Facility

Australian Space Agency; CSIRO/Pawsey Supercomputing Centre; WA Data Science Innovation Hub; Curtin Faculty of Science & Engineering

Currently, large volumes of geospatial, geophysical and Earth observation data from a range of satellite platforms are publicly available through national facilities.

Coupled with the increasing availability of high-resolution commercial satellite data, opportunities exist to develop innovative products and services base on these data.

The Australian Space Data Analysis Facility (ASDAF) aims to help Australian small to medium-sized enterprises and researchers get the most out of space data. The CIDS is the primary delivery partner for ASDAF and uses its data science expertise to help achieve ASDAF’s remit. 

There is an expression of interest process to engage with CIDS data scientists via ASDAF.


Figure 1: Earth, seen from a space perspective.

Credit: Dado, 2022