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Research Highlights

Research undertaken by the CIDS has been used in a number of industries across Australia. Below are short snippets of research highlights:

[2020] Detecting plaque in carotid arteries from ultrasound images
[2019] Human activity recognition and estimation of joint kinematics in Ballet
[2019] Chemotherapy resistance: from proteomics to drug targets
[2019] Classifying Sleep Episodes, Recovery and Stress in Extreme Work Environments
[2019] Computer vision for movie assessment of social cognition using eye-tracking data
[2019] Semi automated systematic reviews
[2019] Use of Deep Learning for Automated Analysis of BRUVS Fish Data
Improving the recruitment and retention of volunteers
[2018] Counting craters to estimate the age of planetary surfaces
[2018] 3125 steps to perfect health
[2018] Characterization of the molecular interactions of venom peptides with model cell membranes
[2017] Estimating classroom utilisation using Wi-Fi data
[2017] Rooftop segmentation to estimate urban sprawl
[2017] Learners’ confusion and cognitive load while learning from interactive videos
[2017] Numerical methods with improved accuracy
[2016] Detecting faults in Fin Fans from acoustic sensors
[2016] Using interaction patterns in a visual problem-solving task to detect learners’ confusion
[2016] Classifying species from camera trap photographs

Additionally, more in depth information is provided for the following case studies of research undertaken by CIDS researchers and our collaborators: