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Benefits of working with the CIDS

  • Flexibility: contracts can be negotiated based on FTE requirements – even at fractional rates – and training programs can be general or bespoke.
  • Multi-disciplinary expertise: partners are not limited to the skills of individuals assigned to a project but rather have access to the bespoke data science and domain knowledge expertise of the CIDS as a whole, leading to a greater depth of available experience and wider disciplinary knowledge.
  • Project Management support: partners can access project scoping and management support for part of, or the totality of, their project’s life cycle.
  • Reputable: by working with the CIDS, partners can connect with the CIDS’s network and benefit from its respected position as a leader in the Australian data science & HPC communities.
  • Computational Resources: working with the CIDS can provide access to a broad range of computational facilities from in-house small compute clusters to national HPC facilities.